EDGE Therapy Solutions


Reach of EDGE Therapy Solutions

EDGE is a new and innovative therapy solution that allows you to have control through an Ownership Management Model. This model combines the expertise of contract therapy management and the benefits of having an in-house program. Whether you are utilizing a contract therapy provider or have an existing in-house program that is not meeting your compliance, operational, or financial expectations, EDGE is your therapy solution!

EDGE is positioned for growth nationwide… Our team of experts has over 30-years of experience in managing therapy financial operations and navigating new regulations and industry trends. EDGE is prepared to provide best-in-class management services and put you in control of your greatest asset – your therapy team!

Choose EDGE:

  • Responsive to the new dynamic created by PDPM
  • Designed to offset the financial burden created by the pandemic
  • Unique partnership through an Equity Interest Agreement
  • Expert support meeting growing challenges of recruiting and retaining quality therapy associates

Choose to be a shareholder in your therapy company!


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“As providers brace themselves for the new reality with the proposed 4.6% PDPM parity cuts in October 2022, they are searching for new strategies to offset these cuts amidst the continued increased costs from inflation and the lasting effects of the pandemic. While all providers can benefit from a laser focus on PDPM accuracy, that is often not enough to make up for these new financial challenges. An independent research study conducted by Gravity Healthcare Consulting shows that providers have found cost relief, improved reimbursement, and increased therapy margins by transitioning to a new therapy management model, emerging from EDGE Therapy Solutions. PDPM reimbursement increased by $14/day from Q2 of 2021….” Download the full whitepaper below!